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6 Rules for Nannies who post Kids Photos on Social Media

I love taking photos and videos of my kids, living so far from my family I find myself posting on social media at least every other day. I love to share our life and our adventures with my friends and family like many other mums but that’s the thing, I am sharing with people close to me, who know me, and my children, people who I choose to see them.

I don’t want my kid’s photos out there for just anyone to see, and so when I see or hear of Nannies posting videos and photos of the children they are looking after it makes me really frustrated, because in many cases the parents don’t even know. Sure there are some parents who don’t mind their family photos publicised for the world to see, but the majority of people I know like to keep them private to some extent.

If you are a Nanny working for a family, here are some suggestions to follow when thinking about posting on social media.

1.Get Permission to take a Photo

It is so simple and so easy. If you would like to take a photo or video of the child, ask the parents first.

2.Photos you take should be kept Private

When you have permission to take a photo or video, the parents will assume you will be keeping it for yourself. If intend on sharing it, you should ask their permission first and let them know where you will be sharing it and who will be seeing it.

3.Turn your Location Settings off

If you do have permission to post a photo on social media, remember that you will also be posting your location which is then letting your contacts know where you are with the children at that time. If you in the family home, you will have just shared their address to everyone. Make sure you turn your location settings off and keep the family’s location private

4.Online is forever

Once you have posted something online, it is there to stay. Whether you decide to delete it later on, someone could have saved that photo or video, or shared to other social media sites. Make sure that what you are posting does not pose any threat to the child or their family, and always make sure you have permission to post.

5.Put your phone down

You are being paid to look after children, there is no need to have your camera or phone out unless there is an emergency and you need to make a call. Having your phone on you is a distraction, especially if you are getting notifications from your social media sites, or receiving messages and calls from your friends. When you are working, you should be concentrating on the children, and the children only.

6.Respect the Family’s Privacy

The privacy of the family you are working for is extremely important. Parents are naturally protective of any personal information and should not have to worry about any of it ending up on any social media sites without their permission. Parents who they are connected with, therefore they know who will be seeing the photos they post. By posting photos of their children for all of your contacts to see, you are violating their privacy as they do not know who will be seeing those posts.

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