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Benefits of hiring a Nanny

When it comes to childcare, how do you decide if hiring a nanny is the best option for your child? Let’s look at the what the benefits are of hiring a nanny would be for you and your family.

What will a nanny do for you and your family?

Nannies come with a wealth of information and will either have experience and/or have qualifications that enable them to provide excellent care for your child. Some nannies will have collected experience over the years where they have worked for families whereas other nannies may have studied and either be new to the nanny life or have decided to gain extra qualifications to further their development. Either way a nanny will be able to use their skills to ensure your child is cared for in a consistent and safe manner.

To list a few duties, a nanny will:

  • Ensure your child is safe at all times and given that nannies work independently (unless shared charge care) they will be able to ensure this as they can focus on 1:1 care unlike nursery setting with higher ratios
  • They will sometimes take on nursery related duties such as taking care of the children’s clothes, tidying the children’s areas, and prepare milk/meals.
  • Be aware of educational and developmental milestones of your child and ensure that your child is properly stimulated throughout the day
  • Work with other household staff such as chefs, and housekeepers when needed and subject to contract conditions
  • Arrange play-dates and classes for your child, as well as build a social circle for your child
  • Liaise with parents so that you all have common goals for your child

Benefits of hiring a nanny

There are many benefits of hiring a nanny to care for your child. Nannies come to your home and offer private, sole focused care for your child. There are different options for nannies such as a nanny share for 2 families but they will predominately will work within this scope as a general rule.

The benefits of hiring a nanny include:

  • Sole-focused care for your child or children, which means that the nanny will get to know your child or children well enough to know their needs and attend to them efficiently and attentively. This means that the care they provide will be sole tailored to the needs of your children, ensuring that they get the most out of their day.
  • Children will have the security of having a strong attachment base from their nanny, whilst their parents/primary care are away from home. This helps children to feel emotional strong, safe and willing to take part in every day life. Parents can also feel reassured that their child is able to form a loving relationship with a nanny who knows them well and has emotional attachment rather than just a care giving/work attachment relationship.
  • Nannies will try to make the child’s day as productive as possible, offering children a variety of activities, such as play groups, playtime, outings, educational visits and activities, which ensure children get the most out of the day
  • Nannies can teach your child a language. With the many benefits of being bilingual, many parents are opting for nannies who speak a foreign language in order to teach their children.
  • Routines can be tailored to the needs of the child, which can help children to feel secure, safe and as alert as possible.
  • Nannies are capable of arranging the child’s day to life, which can ease the strain from busy parents. Parents will have the reassurance that their child’s day is organised, safe and stimulating and that their child is being cared for well
  • Due to the nature of working closely with families, nannies will often help out when needed, for example longer/extra hours subject to prior arrangement, which means families can be reassured that they have child care when they need it
  • Trust issues are higher due to the personal working relationships between nanny and the family. There are opportunities to discuss issues/problems and/or successes so that the child, who is the main priority gets the care they deserve
  • Any issues or problems with the childcare can be discussed and amended as appropriate due to the personal relationships. This means that if a parents/nanny would prefer a certain aspect of the day changed, they can discuss it between and come up with a solution
  • As the nanny will be in the family home, the parents have more opportunities to spend time with their child if their schedule allows. For example a parents may briefly come home for lunch or a break and be able to spend some time with their child, whereas if the child was in nursery, they wouldn’t be able to do this as easily.
  • Having a nanny, will also help children to become familiar to other people, and due to the activities that nannies will arrange for the child, the child will enjoy a rich and varied day, which will aid their social, personal and physical development

The only thing left to do now if you are thinking of hiring a nanny, is finding the best and most suitable one for you and your family and watch the benefits for yourself!

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