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Personalised & Bespoke Bilingual Nanny Agency Services

Are you looking to hire a Bilingual Nanny? At Job Finder, we are committed to providing you with the highest standards of Bilingual Nanny Agency Services using our professional experience and global reach.  We are proud of our long-term relationships with our valued clients and candidates.


Bilingual Nannies Perfectly Matched to Your Family

Our standards of service ensure that our experienced and qualified staff will find you trustworthy and caring bilingual nannies for your family.  You will receive a selection of excellent candidates that match your requirements who are distinguished in their chosen profession.

As part of our exclusive service, you will gain peace of mind with our high level of attention to detail as we cater for your exact requirements from the get-go.

Our bilingual candidates speak: English, Italian, French, German, Chinese, Russian, Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch

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Bilingual Nannies offer your child the gift of a second language

Bilingual nannies offer your children the precious gift of a second language.  A bilingual nanny will be well versed in the culture where the language is prevalent, and can share customs and traditions of that culture with the children in addition to the language.

For parents wishing to give their children a broader worldview, hiring a Bilingual Nanny can help them do just that.  Having a nanny that can communicate in and reinforce both languages is important for parents raising their children to be bilingual.


Bespoke Bilingual Nanny Agency Services

Our bilingual consultants are trained professionals and mothers themselves, and passionate about bilingual education for children. We are able to fulfil all your staff requirements providing you with the utmost in professional and personal service.


Hiring the Best Bilingual Nanny for Your Needs

We tailor all of our services to your precise requests to help you find the best Bilingual Nanny using the latest background checks and exploratory initial interviews whilst catering for your individual needs.  You will gain a short-list of exclusive candidates to analyse and progress toward your second-stage interviews.

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Please remember all of our returning clients qualify for a 10% discount on permanent fees on all of our services as well as on-going support after placement and a 3 months free replacement guarantee

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