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Domestic Couples – The Growing Trend

When families consider hiring staff to work for them in their homes, they may consider various options, which may include hiring a domestic couple. Families with varying circumstance and needs may consider a couple to complete a varying array of tasks within their family home to ensure it runs smoothly and effectively leaving them free to arrange their own daily lives.

What are domestic couples?

Basically, a domestic couple is a couple that are professionally trained to provide their services within a private family home. They will each take on varying tasks and have the huge advantage of being close enough to work closely together to ensure the family house runs in the best way possible.

What will a domestic couple do?

A domestic couple will each take on different tasks relating to their own expertise and experience. Domestic couples will take care of children, gardening, DIY, housekeeping, PA duties and general running and upkeep of the house. One example of a domestic couple role could be where the female may take on childcare tasks, whilst the male takes on DIY tasks within the home. Another example could be where the woman is a chef and the man takes on the gardening duties. The role of a domestic couple will be discussed during an interview is to see how the couple could best manage the household duties and how they will fit into the family home.

A typical day

A typical day in the life of a domestic will go as follows:

  • Wake up, serve breakfast (one may make this as the other sets the table)
  • Clear-up the tables and dishes
  • The woman may then take on housekeeping duties, whilst the man completes gardening/DIY tasks around the house
  • They will prepare lunch (If a cook/chef is not employed), serve it and clear away again
  • After lunch, the man may take the dog for a walk, whilst the woman continues with housekeeping/some child-related duties/or PA duties that need completing or vice versa
  • The woman may look after children throughout the day if this is within her job description and/or if a nanny is not employed
  • They will then prepare and serve dinner
  • After dinner, they will clean up and then organise themselves for the next day. This may include preparing grocery lists, menus for meals or discussing who is going to do be doing what during the next day

The benefits of hiring a domestic couple

When a family hire a domestic couple, they are utilising a task force within two people instead of hiring many people who may not communicate and work so well together. A domestic couple will share their accommodation and salary, which also makes it cheaper for a family rather than paying three of four members of staff.

A domestic couple will work closely together to ensure the daily tasks get completed, often helping each other to make sure the duties are performed in the best way possible.  They will also support one another and come together to address any problems/issues within their roles.

Usually a domestic couple will have a positive relationship and therefore will bring a positive working atmosphere to their workplace, which will make for a better working environment. It can be easier to manage a couple rather than multiple staff who may or may not enjoy working together in a team.

Overall families are considering hiring a domestic couple more and more as they are quite an appealing option within family homes. Domestic couples can make working/family life easier, which means families are able to get on with their own business, knowing that their home is taken care effectively.

Written by Amy: Amy is a British Nanny and Governess with a Background in Childcare and Social Work. She is currently working with a team of Nannies as a Special Needs Governess.

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