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I have to admit that the past weekend I was in paradise, seriously. This is the only way to explain how I felt being at 5 stars Fonteverde Tuscan Resort SPA in Tuscany, Italy, one of the Leading Hotels of the World. Everything there is made for your complete relaxation. The 7 thermal pools are amazing: pure hot spring water (42°C), rich in fluorine, magnesium and sulphur, immerse in the beautiful Tuscan countryside. The best of all is the spectacular Bioaquam circuit where the central hydro-massages, the geysers, activate circulation and give an energetic massage to the legs and the perineal area, where, according to Oriental discipline, many energies are concentrate.

If you go there you can’t miss a massage, or even more then one, with the Indian Dipu Master who is the head of the Oriental disciplines. It is not just a massage, but an experience. Dipu’s massages free your emotional plexus, remove stress and transport your mind giving you a brand new energy that you didn’t even know to have. His massage is definitely a deep massage, a very personal mix of Ayurveda, acupressure, Shiatsu and massage physiotherapy. For me it is the best massage I ever had, and I can tell you, I’ve tried many, also in India! :-) He can also do a jet massage, soaking you in a tub of water where he massages you with jets of hot and cold water, that is fantastic for your legs, absolutely draining.

When in Fonteverde you also have to try the Thalaquam treatment, you will definitely love to be rocked by the salt water, as you were in the Dead Sea with the stars upon your head. A really special sensation, like being reborn and completely free. Don’t forget to book a Savonage as soon as you arrive, the natural body peel with black soap, olive oil and moisturizing Argan oil. What else to say? There are so many ways you can find your balance and forget the stress of your life, achieving beauty and wellbeing, as the Etruscan circuit or the Kneipp circuit, specific for circulatory problems, that you won’t be spoiled for the choice.

Last but not less important, you could try the special 10 different types of tisane, made in Fonteverde. Each of these is fantastic, really detoxing and targeted to specific needs. If you eat at the Fonteverde Restaurant Ferdinando, don’t miss the Equilibrium menu, a dietetic but delicious meal, made for your well-being. What else can I say? Just go there and enjoy your stay!

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