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Why I love being a Private Chef

I have found working as a private chef to be a completely different experience to working in a hotel or restaurant kitchen. I think being able to gain a good understanding of a client’s needs is paramount. This includes their taste, preference for style and presentation and dietary requirements. I like to be resourceful and creative and I enjoy a challenge which I believe really helps in this role. How else could I cater for a client who ate only cold, green vegan foods?

Flexibility is a must. A residential private chef could expect to receive a phone call in the early hours of the morning to prepare anything from a quick snack for one or a buffet for a group. Some assignments involve working closely with the client and others involve working closely with the client’s PA or House Manager. All require you to form good working relationships and respect the client’s privacy.

One of the big benefits to being a private chef is that you can meet and work with people from diverse backgrounds and in some cases get the opportunity to travel to different countries and experience different cultures.

Here is one of James’ favourite recipes!

Ginger Cake
455 gms Demerara Sugar
6 Eggs @ room temp
455 gms Plain Flour
24 gms Baking Powder
4 gms Bicarbonate of soda
5 gms Ground Cinnamon
20 gms Ground Ginger
5 gms Salt
400 gms Butter
280gms Single Cream
1 tbsp Black Treacle
2 small pieces of stem ginger finely diced

1.  Line terrines with butter & silicon paper
2.  Beat eggs & sugar together.
3.  Warm the butter, cream, stem ginger and treacle together and leave to cool
4.  Sieve all the dry ingredients & add into egg mixture. then add cream
5.  Bake @175oc for 20 – 25 minutes.

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