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A horse keeper is employed to care for one or many horses, as well as securing and managing related property. This specific role requires experience and qualifications in handling horses, riders and equipment and a great love for horses.

Horse keepers are responsible for managing and designing all feeding, exercise and medication schedules depending on the breed, temperament and needs of each individual horse.

The horse keeper is expected to manage all transport logistics when travelling to and from competitions, races or stud farms, and to ensure that the horses are always safe. An accommodation is generally offered within or in proximity to the property.

Responsibilities range from:

  • managing the entire property horse-related: security, maintenance, stock and supply operations and relations, administrative management
  • providing regular reports to the employer or agency regarding the horses and property
  • preparing horses for rides,
  • managing feeding, grooming, exercise, health and cleaning routines
  • planning logistics and transport to and from races, competitions and stud farms
  • managing and maintaining all related equipment
  • managing and recruiting related staff (grooms, farriers, professional riders etc.)

Horse keeper Salary Guide

The salary for a Horse keeper goes from 25k to 35k+ gross ​a year, depending on the experience and qualifications.

Lady’s Maid’s specific duties include helping her mistress with her appearance, remove stains from clothing, sew, mend, and alter garments as needed, bring her mistress breakfast in her room and draw her mistress’s bath.


Valet and Lady’s Maid Salary Guide

Their salary range between 25k and 40k+ gross ​a year in the UK and can increase overseas.

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