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Here you can find some questions to ask a nanny applicant about her personal lifestyle and her beliefs. We hope that you find this information useful, but please feel free to contact us to discuss any other aspect of the process which is unclear. We are always here to assist our clients and make easy and fast the process of hiring the best nanny for their needs.

  • What is your family background and what did you do in your early years. What drove you to become a nanny?
  • Which qualities do you think are important in a nanny?
  • What do you like most about being a nanny?
  • Do you have any future plans (attending school, moving, having children of your own) that would affect how long you can stay with this job?
  • Do you feel that you are organised, efficient, creative, resourceful, flexible? Please give examples.
  • Do you have any health problems I should know about?
  • Do you smoke?
  • Can you cook? Do you like to cook and bake?
  • What was your last job and why did you leave it?
  • What were the two best and worst parts of the job?
  • What are the ages of the children you’ve cared for?
  • Have you had (or are you willing to get) baby first-aid training?
  • How do you feel about preparing bottles of expressed milk?
  • How do you feel about not watching TV with my baby?
  • Do you feel that a routine is important for children?
  • What are your views on discipline?
  • What do you think a baby my child’s age needs most?
  • Can you describe the things you might do during the day with my baby? How about when he/she’s older and more active?
  • How would you discipline a child my baby’s age? What would you do if she, say, keeps pulling your hair after you’ve said no?
  • What would you do if my baby had a fever? What if she fell and became unconscious?
  • What would you do in any of the following situations? Choking, Burn, Bad cut, Blow to the head, High fever
  • What are your views on safety for example in the car, out walking, around cleaning supplies and medicines?
  • Do you have any questions or anything you’d like to bring up with me?

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Please remember all of our returning clients qualify for a 10% discount on permanent fees on all of our services as well as on-going support after placement and a 3 months free replacement guarantee

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