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A Laundress is an expert in managing all luxury and fine clothes, haute couture, footwear and everyday clothes of a HNW Family. The Laundress needs to have experience in working with clothes, luxurious lingerie, delicate fabrics and expensive shoes, in doing laundry and ironing to a high level, with very good organisational skills.


  • Very high quality laundry and ironing of family clothes, of luxurious lingerie and linen
  • Ensuring that everything is washed in accordance with the colour and fabric type
  • Making minor alterations or repairs to clothes if needed
  • Timely washing of clothes to avoid contamination and spreading of bacteria
  • Maintaining the laundry room and ironing equipment clean and tidy
  • Sorting and folding of clothes
  • Hand washing, if and when needed
  • Seasonal organisation of clothes
  • Making list of products needed for caring for clothes and shoes
  • Maintaining footwear of all the family members (polishing, cleaning, repairs)
  • Liaising with the housekeeper and shoe-repair stores

Laundress Salary Guide

The average salary for a laundress is £ 55,000/75,000 gross per year

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