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Looking for a highly trained Montessori Nanny for your growing family?

At Job Finder our main priority is to provide you with the best standard of Montessori Professional Nannies. As a Leading Global Nanny Agency, we specialize in finding the highest-rated nannies and provide a fully tailored service to meet your family’s every need. We take pride in having long-term relationships with our amazing clients and candidates alike, meeting even the highest expectations from VIPs, Head of States and Royal families.

Is a Montessori Nanny suited for your family’s needs?

The Montessori Method was first established in 1906 by Dr Maria Montessori.
This approach focuses on emphasizing the natural development of children by implementing independence and creativity. Montessori as an educational practice stimulates children with hands-on learning experiences in a supportive and well-prepared learning environment. The results are incredible. It can aid the children in developing critical thinking, problem-solving and time management skills while having fun in a safe and controlled educational space created by our nannies.

What to expect from your Montessori Nanny

Our Montessori Nannies will have the most advanced Montessori Qualifications and top Childcare Certificates, including First Aid Training and Safeguarding, to guarantee the best care for your children. They will incorporate the Montessori principles into your household routine and will communicate respectfully to the children giving feedback and support. Another fundamental task of a Montessori nanny is to set up interactive and appealing activities to help the children to learn while being involved in fun, practical day-to-day tasks like cooking.

If you’re looking for a stimulating yet safe environment for your children to grow in, where all their and your needs are met to the highest standards, you need a Montessori Nanny.


Montessori Nanny Salary Guide

The average salary for a Montessori Nanny is around £1,000/1,5000 net per week. After a Montessori Nanny has gained more than a decade of experience can ask for anything up to £100,000 net per annum.

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Montessori Fun Fact

The multiple awarded singers Beyonce and Taylor Swift were brought up with the Montessori Method that shaped them into the successful figures they are today!!


Top personalized services

As a bespoke leading nanny agency, all of our services are tailored to your needs to ensure we find the perfect candidate for your family. All our candidates are incredibly qualified, trustworthy and have been prescreened personally by our excellent teams worldwide. We personally interview all the candidates to ensure they fit the agency’s standards and make a good match for your family. We can also offer you some tips and advice to prepare for the interview with our Montessori Nannies and will be at hand to help you make the right choice based on the screening processes and feedback.

Our tailored and valuable checks include: Work history and Reference Checks, Disclosure and Barring Services (DBS), Psychological profiling, Social Media presence and Childcare qualifications.


Continuous Support

For the length of your placement, we will provide you and your new highly qualified Montessori Nanny with an outstanding support service using employment experts to ensure we deal with any issues that may arise.

For more information, please contact us

Please remember all of our returning clients qualify for a 10% discount on permanent fees on all of our services as well as on-going support after placement and a 3 months free replacement guarantee

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