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Are you looking for a NCS Nanny to care for your newborn baby?

NCS Nannies are Newborn Care Specialists who decided to specialise in newborn and infant care, devoting their lives to care for newborn babies, while supporting mothers during the most delicate period of their lives. They have advanced knowledge in lactation support, sleep training, caring for multiples, resolving common issues & ailments that newborns may experience such as reflux/GERD, postpartum recovery, and preemie care. An NCS goal is to establish a daytime routine for your baby by helping her learn to sleep through the night (7pm-7am) by approximately 12 weeks old. A NCS nanny provides you with information on the most effective techniques to care for your baby that follow the latest recommendations from the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), Center for Disease Control (CDC), World Health Organization (WHO), and other professional health organizations.

A NCS nanny is an expert who will work with you for the first weeks/months of your newborn’s life. As families transition into full-time nanny-care, an NCS can provide hands-on training for your new nanny so that consistency in care can continue after her term ends. Newborn Care Specialists are hired to provide 24-hour care 5-7 days/wk or only 12-hours overnight, usually between 2 weeks and 6 months.


Breastfeeding support. Formula safety and preparation & bottle feeding.


Gently establishing healthy sleep habits.


Our NCS are trained in all aspects of newborn care, from nutrition, to first aid, etc.


NCS nannies will help you finding the best items according to your lifestyle and needs.

NCS Nanny Salary Guide

Newborn Care Specialists can earn from $ 35 – $ 60 per hour, depending on experience, qualifications, and number of babies.

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