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A Night Maternity Nurse will arrive at 8pm/9pm and leave at 7am/8am. Our night nurses will come into your home and will take responsibility for your baby and help your baby to sleep through the night. They are there to assist you with all duties relating to your newborn, assist you with the feeding whether that is breast or bottle, help with implementing routine, teaching first time parents to care for their baby or freeing up your time to spend with your family.

Duties of the Maternity Nurse include feeding (or assisting with), bathing, changing and settling the baby. All our team has a fully up to date Pediatric First Aid certificate and an Enhanced DBS disclosure.

Daily and Night Maternity Nurses have a wealth of experience to offer to you and they are a great source of help and advice, not only regarding the development and well being of the baby, but also that of the mother.

All our Night Maternity Nurses are experienced with newborn babies. Generally most of them will have qualifications such as the MNT or NEST certificates. Some of our more experienced Maternity Nurses come with no formal qualifications but have years of experience to offer.



Night Maternity Nurses are all self-employed, they charge a gross hourly rate from which they settle their own taxes and insurance. They usually charge between:

  • £12 – £15 per hour gross
  • £15 – £18 per hour gross for twins
  • £18 – £20 per hour gross for triplets

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