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Looking to hire a prestigious Norland Nanny for your family?  You’re in the right place!

Here at Job Finder we provide you with highly trained professional Norland Nannies. We are a bespoke global leading nanny agency who offers fully tailored services to meet your family’s exact needs. We take pride in our long-term relationships with our valuable clients and candidates alike, meeting even the highest expectations from VIPs, Head of States and Royal families.

What Does Norland Nanny Mean?

Norland Nannies are not usual nannies, they are considered to be the best in the childcare field. Norland Nannies are graduate of the prestigious Norland College Institute situated in Bath. It was founded in 1982 and was the first college to offer any kind of childcare training. In the past, the housemaids that worked within the households used to take care of all childcare related duties and issues. However, being the housemaids often busy with other house related business, hardly dedicated any time to the children and only looked after their safety, leaving out all the necessary developmental and milestone-reaching aspect of the job.
After Emily Ward founded the Norland College, she not only introduced systematic and structured procedures to look after the children’s wellbeing, but also figured effective and educational processes to ensure their learning and appropriate development.
Norland College students take part in a three-year course in Early Years Development. The modules include Safeguarding and Child Protection, Promoting Health and Wellbeing, Making Sense of Children’s Behaviour and Working with Families and Communities. Norland College trains its students how to work with families, and how to become skillful in the kitchen, cooking healthy meals. The course curriculum also covers, among others, First Aid training, baby massage, driving in arduous conditions and security training delivered by former military intelligence officers. Each of the three years is divided into three trimesters with the Norland nanny time split between placement and College. The nanny will undertake a total of six placements over the three years so she will gain a lot of hands-on experience while studying. For the extensive and thorough education that the Norland College provides, in 2019, it was named the best Independent Higher Education provider in the UK at the Whatuni Student Choice Awards.

An Iconic Uniform

Norland Nannies are different from normal nannies not only for the extensive and specific education they receive, but also because they wear a particular and distinctive uniform. The Norland College firstly introduced the uniform to ensure that the Norland Nannies would be instantly recognisable from all the other members of the household. Despite going through many changes throughout the years, the current official Norland Nanny Uniform is:

  • Brown dress
  • Tights
  • Brown shoes
  • Brown gloves to be worn during winter time
  • White gloves to be worn in summer time
  • A hat
  • If a cardigan is worn, it must be approved, with sleeves rolled down

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Why is a Norland Nanny the best option for your children?

Norland Nannies the best nannies you can possibly hire to look after your children. This is because their education doesn’t only cover the average childcare qualifications, it teaches the Norland Nannies to get the best out of every child.

They are taught to handle all situations perfectly, they are incredibly resourceful and even trained to throw the best events for your child, birthday parties and all. Norland Nannies are trained in martial arts to always protect the children to the best of their capacities. They also receive early childhood psychology and neuroscience training making them capable of recognising any learning or behavioural issues that may arise.

They will follow your children and guide them through the reaching of all their milestones and teach them eloquence, class and manners while creating fun and entertaining environments to let their creativity run wild.
Often Norland Nannies are the first and only choice of VIPs, UHNW and Royal Families since they guarantee success in the upbringing of their children. They ensure all age and stage appropriate developmental goals are reached to the highest standards and provide a well-rounded childcare service filled with expertise, knowledge, and patience.


Royal Norland Nannies

When it comes to the Royal Family, Norland Nannies are the first choice. The Prince and the Princess of Wales entrusted their children to a capable team of Norland Nannies. Maria Teresa Turrion Borallo is the Head Norland Nanny and is one of the most famous Norland Nannies in the world.

Our invaluable checks include: Work History, Credible References, Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS), Psychological Profiling


Norland Nanny Salary Guide

The average salary for a Norland Nanny is around £1,000/1,500 net per week. Once Norland Nannies have been in the job for more than a decade they can command anything up to £100,000+ net per annum.


Bespoke Nanny Agency

As a leading nanny agency, we tailor our services to your exact needs to ensure we place the perfect candidate with you. Our candidates are top qualified, trustworthy and have been pre screened personally by us. We do initial interviews with candidates to ensure they are a good match for your family before sending you a list candidates. We also help you prepare for your interview with your Norland Nanny and are at hand to help you make the right selection based on interview answers and feedback. Hiring a Norland Nanny means investing in the future of your children, in the future of your family. We make sure to guide you and offer expertise and counsel in all the aspects of the research and hiring process.

Our invaluable checks include: Work History, Credible References, Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS), Psychological Profiling


Vital Continuing Support

For the length of your placement, we provide you and your new exclusive Norland Nanny vital on-going support using support networks and employment experts ensuring we deal with any issues that may arise promptly.

For more information, please contact us

Please remember all of our returning clients qualify for a 10% discount on permanent fees on all of our services as well as on-going support after placement and a 3 months free replacement guarantee

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