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A Palace Manager is an experienced House Manager who can manage a high-end residential villa, a Royal Palace or more Palaces for a high profile family and/or a Royal family, always ensuring efficient operations of the household. The Palace Manager reports directly to the owners and manages the household under their guidance and directive. He/She is an “hands-on executive” who has to manage the team’s personal assistant, private chef, personal trainers, engineer, maintenance staff and housekeepers, as well as oversee construction, renovation and landscaping projects and look after the household pets.


  • Staff Management
  • Assist in recruitment of new staff
  • Ensure a high level of security is always maintained
  • Supervise, train and manage an entourage of household staff (cooks, maids, drivers, etc.).
  • Coordinate with various contractors, suppliers/vendors, service people, artisans, and all other non-household employees.
  • Inspire, coach and motivate staff to work efficiently and effectively and ensure their work is up to a high standard in terms of service, maintenance and presentation
  • Carry out administrative duties like budgeting, handling petty cash, paying bills and maintain staff records and other records where needed.
  • Maintenance and Management of Household Items
  • Create and manage full household inventory
  • Care for silver, china, antiques, fine art, luxury cars and other specialist items
  • Develop shopping lists for all household requirements and oversee their procurement
  • Plan, organise and coordinate events and dinner parties. Liaise with event organisers, caterers etc.
  • Manage the household’s schedules, calendars and arrange appointments

Palace Manager Salary Guide

A Palace Manager can earn between £ 50,000 and £ 80,000+ gross per year, depending on experience and tasks required

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