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Providing professional and experienced household staff for high profile families and HNWI

We specialise in the recruitment of private household staff for families and companies throughout Europe and abroad. We offer an exceptional and unique household staff recruitment service, recruiting and placing highly trained domestic staff worldwide: butlers, governesses, house managers, private chefs, nannies, maternity nurses, personal assistants, wardrobe managers, housekeepers, domestic couples, chauffeurs, gardeners, drivers, etc. All household staff necessary for the effective house management.

Job Finder helps new clients to find top staff for their homes, assist in security issues, aid in eldercare matters, consult on private estate construction, provide private service training and more. Our mission is to provide high quality service tailored specifically for each family’s needs and concerns. We value our clients’ time by only introducing excellent and highly recommended candidates that match their requirements.

Job Finder knows how to manage the expectations of customers and presents them only the best candidates. We can provide experienced, polished candidates for house management and hospitality on Estates in Switzerland, South France Cote d`Azur, Russia, United Kingdom, Middle East, Turkey, New York, California, Miami, Italy, etc. Our candidates duties include cleaning and organizing the Estates, planning menus, grocery shopping for the owner when he is in residence and larger meals when guests are visiting. Setting a formal table, bar-tending and proper table service, running errands, laundry management, assisting with packing and unpacking for travel. Maintaining and managing household inventory including china, crystal, silver, household items including linens, bedding and towels, manage the wardrobe with high knowledge of fashion and luxury brands. Our household staff candidates will also have previous experiences in: executive housekeeping in a 5* property, advanced wardrobe planning and preparation prior to travel (coordinate each outfit with matching accessories and indicate how to wear it), knowledge of crease-proof packing techniques, oversee care of wardrobe, keep inventory and photographic inventory, supervise purchases, deliveries and keep record of all invoices, sourcing and purchasing luxury goods.

As one of the leading international domestic household staff agencies, assisting worldwide clients with the recruitment of excellent private household staff, our expert consultants understand the special demands of our clients and are devoted to bringing peace of mind to them. We have been providing estate staffing since 2007 and our success is based on our dedication, on-going support and the excellent quality of our candidates. We are always striving to do our best.

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Please remember all of our returning clients qualify for a 10% discount on permanent fees on all of our services as well as on-going support after placement and a 3 months free replacement guarantee

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