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Are You Looking to Hire a Special Needs Nanny for Your Family?

At Job Finder, we are an agency dedicated to providing you with a bespoke service tailored towards your exact needs to find you the best special needs nanny for your family.

We believe that families with children who have additional needs deserve exceptional nannies who are committed to providing the very best care and services available.  Our special needs nannies are experienced and can help children with building confidence, setting goals, providing appropriate activities, teaching specific skills helping their further development, teaching non-disabled siblings how to interact with a special needs child, watching for signs of any aggressive behaviour and intervening quickly.

Special Needs Nanny Salary Guide

£ 600 to £800+ depending on experience and on job requirements

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What to Expect from Your Special Needs Nanny

Our special needs nannies are aware of special needs children’s limitations but also help them reach their full potential. They are flexible, fun, energetic and possess the ability to remain calm.

They have a genuine interest in working with children with complex medical needs. They have a pure love for these special children, learning every day from them and knowing that they need cuddles, comfort and quiet time at home.


A Bespoke Service Tailored to You

Our consultants have excellent attention to detail and will tailor our services for your specific needs to find the right special needs nanny for your family. We will ensure that we send you top calibre candidates who are distinguished in their elected profession.

No matter which childcare specialist you require for your family, as your special needs nanny agency we help you narrow down our exclusive candidates with current background checks and initial interviews based on your individual requirements giving you peace of mind.

We can help you create interview questions and analyse all of your candidate’s interview responses to ensure the best nanny is placed with you and your family.


Vital Continuing Support

Following the start of your new nanny, we offer both you and your special needs nanny vital continued support to guarantee any issues are resolved with access to support networks and employment experts throughout the placement period.

For more information, please contact us

Please remember all of our returning clients qualify for a 10% discount on permanent fees on all of our services as well as on-going support after placement and a 3 months free replacement guarantee

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